Thursday, January 31, 2013

Doll Measuring Chart

Using a cm tape measure, preferably a thin one, even if you have to cut a normal human one in half down the length for accuracy, note down the measurements as closely as possible.  Do not 'round off'.  I can't guarantee your doll's clothing will fit if the measurements are not accurate. If you just can't stand centimeters, use inches, but be prepared to do 1/16s of an inch.  This chart measures 8 by 10, you can right click, save it and type in the amounts in a photo shop program with the text tool, save and email it to me.

Edit: I revised this to try to make it more easily understood.  Email me with any questions. ^_^

Edit edit:  I may have to ask for certain measurements not on the chart based on the outfit.  For instance if you want wings or a tail on a costume? O_o

Edit edit edit! :   I found a youtube video on how to use a tape measure properly!  LINK

Please not that the instructions for the breast measurement refer to around the breast AT the nipple line, not just between the nipples.  ^_^

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A lot of people have had some trouble figuring out what the shoulder point-to-point measurement is.  On a human being, the shoulder point is where you can place your finger on your shoulder joint, and move your arm all around and nothing changes much.  On a doll, because of the way they are made, or muscles in the arm, you have to do it this way: As shown, the very edges where the doll's shoulder turns a corner, and a little over is okay, but this is a very important measure, because if this isn't right, the doll can not move his or her arms in their outfit unless it's too baggy.  If you want a close fitting outfit, like a normal well made garment, this measurement is key to that fit. It's where the 'hang' of the garment starts.  

I'm not going to accept responsibility for wrong measurements.  I use the measurements you send me. Alterations will be done at the customer's expense, including shipping back and forth.  So do it right the first time. 

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