Thursday, January 31, 2013

Doll Measuring Chart

Using a cm tape measure, preferably a thin one, even if you have to cut a normal human one in half down the length for accuracy, note down the measurements as closely as possible.  Do not 'round off'.  I can't guarantee your doll's clothing will fit if the measurements are not accurate. If you just can't stand centimeters, use inches, but be prepared to do 1/16s of an inch.  This chart measures 8 by 10, you can right click, save it and type in the amounts in a photo shop program with the text tool, save and email it to me.

Edit: I revised this to try to make it more easily understood.  Email me with any questions. ^_^

Edit edit:  I may have to ask for certain measurements not on the chart based on the outfit.  For instance if you want wings or a tail on a costume? O_o

Edit edit edit! :   I found a youtube video on how to use a tape measure properly!  LINK

Please not that the instructions for the breast measurement refer to around the breast AT the nipple line, not just between the nipples.  ^_^

copy write Sewing Box Designs BJD clothing

A lot of people have had some trouble figuring out what the shoulder point-to-point measurement is.  On a human being, the shoulder point is where you can place your finger on your shoulder joint, and move your arm all around and nothing changes much.  On a doll, because of the way they are made, or muscles in the arm, you have to do it this way: As shown, the very edges where the doll's shoulder turns a corner, and a little over is okay, but this is a very important measure, because if this isn't right, the doll can not move his or her arms in their outfit unless it's too baggy.  If you want a close fitting outfit, like a normal well made garment, this measurement is key to that fit. It's where the 'hang' of the garment starts.  

I'm not going to accept responsibility for wrong measurements.  I use the measurements you send me. Alterations will be done at the customer's expense, including shipping back and forth.  So do it right the first time. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Military Surplus Coat Now Available

The Military Surplus look coat is now available as for 70 cm tall slim and Uncle size dolls in my Etsy shop as a custom color choice listing.  Current estimated shipping time is 2 - 3 weeks based on my work load.  This coat comes with real pockets, button holes and a slide buckle on the belt.

Right click and open in a new tab or window for the big picture.

Angelsdoll Michael Ball Joint Doll

Saturday, January 19, 2013

YoSD Commission 1700's Man's Outfit for KingofChains

I've got this on my 72 cm boy pattern list, but this post is an updating progress report for a YoSD client (KingofChains).

Credit: Patterns for Theatrical Costumes by K.S. Holkeboer,  published by Prentice Hall Press, 1984
Right click for larger image in another window.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

YoSD Rennaissance Costume Commission for IPLemons: Complete

Sometimes, online user names can be rather funny, no? Anyway, this is an updating report post for IPLemon's (through Den of Angels market place) commission for a YoSD Rennaissance Costume.  I find this is the best way to work long distance.

This is the picture the customer provided and I'm working from: specifically the tunic, tights (pants), and adding a vest.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Army Surplus Coat

With December over, and the holidays out of the way, the big coat project is up and running again.  Barry is modeling today, because he's the boy with the muscles.  The basic pattern is for 72 cm tall Uncle and Slim dolls (not Iplehouse, though).  I used a fabric that was a bit thicker than it seemed, probably the holiday distractions, I  may have to make the button holes by hand.  I'm also working on a matching cap pattern.  I haven't decided on what color buttons yet.  Technically they should be half ball metal ones, but that's a dream. 

So, here it is, Day One of 2013, test fitting the garment in progress, basting stitches, pins and all.

Dragon Doll LE Zilong BJD

The safety pin is to remind me which way the vent overlaps, because the lining isn't sewn in back there yet. 

Dragon Doll Inc. went a bit nuts with the ankles for these 2nd and 3rd generation bodies, and it looks like he's got tight pants and socks on, instead of just socks.  I'd sand them down, but there's a reason the company went with that work around and I think I'll just leave well enough alone.  He'll just have to live with his fat ankles.