Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trying Again: Another SD Doll Head

I'm an idiot.  Having just recovered from the whole Doll-Love Sleepy Alice debacle, an SD head that appeared to match in measurements, but not in scale, I'm dumb enough to try one more time.  It just kept bugging me.  If Only-Doll's MSD Ruo-Die head fit the Dragon Doll 1/4 girl body so perfectly, why not an Only-Doll SD sized head on the Dragon Doll 1/3 scale body?  This time I looked at the head circumference and proportions to shoulders a little bit more carefully.

What I've been longing for for ages is a 60cm vintage pattern cover girl doll, and most defintely, a ball joint resin doll.  Someone who would really look spot on in the styles I want to play around with.  So this time I'm trying Only-Doll's Yi Feng.

Here's my mockish Photoshop mock up so I could make up my mind.  The vintage pattern image is from a 1944 pattern catalog cover I found on Flickr. The doll head photos are from the Only-Doll company through Mint on Card. The deadline for the order to go in this time is January 14th, so it's going to be a few months before I get the head.  It can take anywhere from 1 to 5 months to get a doll made and shipped so I'm happy I've already got the body to pattern and sew for.

I've used La Doll Clay to close a doll's eyes up a bit before.  Even if it doesn't stay stuck to the resin at first, just let the pieces dry and glue it on with Elmer's White Glue.  Completely removable if you ever want to restore the doll to default.  I think with the eyelid mod and a face-up, and a pair of 14 mm eyes so the iris is smaller, I'll have my Vintage Pattern Model Girl.  I'm hoping she shows up in time for Valentines?  And that the head fits perfectly, or only requires a little neck sanding so that my Jiji can keep and wear her original head.

Or, I'll have another head for sale. I hope not.

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