Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kyou in as Natural Light as it Gets.

I got up this morning and after a whole day of sunshine it was raining again this morning, and it didn't clear up until afternoon, so he's got the light going the other way.  It would be hopeless to photo him in direct sun, he's like a reflection device he's so white. The Dream Realm white resin actually has little sparkles in it. It's more like that faux marble stuff.  I would say, Kyou is more than 3 years old at the least.  I've had him for a little over 2 years now.  He's only gone from dead white to a very, very nice ivory, judging by his other fantasy ear sets that have been stuck in packing plastic all this time.

Dream Realm Black Crow BJD

Now I just have to make him that Late Victorian Butler's outfit.  I wish they made proper 1/3 scale half dome fancy buttons and sold them to the general public. I've seen some on doll clothing, but I've never been able to find anything!  And I need them for so many outfits I have in mind!  For cosplay, I'll just add a little more black to his brows and eyes temporarily to bring out that anime look.  I'm debating cutting his hair, though.  Sebastian is "sloppy" for the time period, but maybe I can cheat with a pony tail.  I've already got the 'poppy' color eyes.  I wanted to get the demon eyes from Ersa Flora, but until now it sort of wasn't worth it.  NOW it is! ^_^  But yeah, he's got the red poppy eyes for now.

Yana Toboso's Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji

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