Friday, November 9, 2012

Trick Knees: BJDs and Pant Leg Length

I was reading the news on BJD Collectasy today and as usual washed up someplace interesting while surfing.

I've mentioned before about finding that I had to add length to pants because of the way ball joint dolls' knees work. Elbows are not so obvious, but I have another trick for longer sleeves.

LoongSoul Dolls had a post on someone ripping off their technology; specifically, how their knees are made.  The photos make it very clear how their knees are made.  They are also very good explanation why a doll's bent knee can add up to or in this case, over an inch to a leg's length in a pair of slacks.

Photo from LoongSoul Dolls:

As you can see, when the knees are bent, it's not just a case of, well, bending a knee. It's extending the joint that makes the knee bend.  (How many parts are in there? O_o ) Which is why I add length to my doll's pants patterns that sometimes results in dragging hems if I don't remember to fold them up and under when photographing them.  However, my guys look really good when sitting casually cross legged.  No vast expanses of sock a la high rider.    

Now for the sleeve trick.  When you dress a doll, getting the long sleeve through a jacket is a pain in the butt.  But--if the sleeves are a bit longer, you can just take a tiny safety pin, pin the unbuttoned (or un-snapped) cuff so that it hooks over the doll's thumb and slide the jacket on, then remove the pin.  If you buy ready made shirts that have not so long sleeves, just leave the front of the shirt unbuttoned until you get the jacket on, so that the sleeve is loose enough not to break off your doll's thumb!  I like to put ties on my guys, so the longer sleeve is to fix it so I can dress them properly without a lot of hassle trying to get a tie on when they already have a jacket on.  

Think of dressing a BJD as being like dressing an un-co-operative toddler who's gone completely limp post tantrum. The easier you can make it on yourself, the better. 

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