Friday, October 26, 2012

New Dresses in the Etsy Shop.

Now that I have managed to sort out my working schedule, and my photo taking routine, and I'm done with wig making, I'm going to be getting more sewing done.

2 new SD dresses and 2 new MSD dresses are up in the shop.  I have a nice rainbow collection of fabrics that will be turned into one of a kind dresses in this style with variations in collars and cuffs and trims, with matching or contrasting wrap belts over the coming weeks.

These shirt dresses look very cute, and will fit a wide variety of bust and waist as well as hip sizes on MSD and SD girls.  They are easy to dress and undress the girls with, no removal of head or hands. Just slip them on over the doll's head and wrap the belt on and tie it.  They look good when the doll is seated as well as standing, and are nice, casual dresses that will also decorate any room your girl is in.

I came up with this design because I wanted to be able to change my girls' outfits more often and easily, and I hope others will enjoy the same convenience.  The wrap belt can be replaced with a corset, waist cincher, or belt of your own choice, or worn over a frilly petticoat for a very retro 1950's look.

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