Wednesday, August 15, 2018

SOLD: MSD Ruby Red Qipao/Cheongsam on Etsy

Finally!  OMG, the frustrations of trying to photo outside.  The peel and stick foam on her leg sockets has gotten flattened in storage, and she would not pose as beautifully as she can, so that needs to be fixed ASAP.  But the dress is ready to go, very slinky fabric and gorgeous.  The seams are straight, I just twisted the skirt to show the sequins at the top of the split curve.

Etsy Shop Listing Here

And the library computer only has PowerPoint to edit photos with, and when I tried to upload anything to the net by clicking, it just ignored me, but drag and drop worked fine.  I need to set up my desk top computer and then transfer finished things to the library one.  Sad our library tech is so lame.

Still working on the Dior, of course, and a larger item with the ruby fabric for an SID, as well as having found one of my own cut out suits. That will keep me busy until the Summer heat from hell is past.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


First of all, Google is doing its best to ramp up the paranoia by sending me emails every time I log in on one of four devices telling me I am under suspicious attack.  What ever. 

I finally get the time to go to the park and photo the finished MSD dress and the guys are working on the water sprinklers.  Then I found one of her adorable little shoes has a crack in the faux leather down by her inner heel.  I mended it as best as I could by putting some fabric glue in the crack with a pin tip and then wiping off the excess, but yeah, too bad Happy Camellia is out of business.  They had the best stuff ever.  I have yet to find the array of color in doll wigs they carried! 

Having got a washing machine dropped on my left foot middle toe by an inattentive and insistent helper ( I could have done the whole thing myself) I finally have the papers for x-rays.  Finding time for them is another matter.  Still the answer will be, yeah, your toe is crushed, and there is not much they can do with that last joint, but put it on my medical record.  The thing swelled up like a balloon much to my surprise and then deflated, but hurts like @#$%^&*()!!! when I accidentally bump it on anything. 

I found my postal scale, Yay!   I can not find the flash drive with my entire business history, stationary files, etc. It is driving me crazy.  I have been looking for it for two years. and even though I backed everything up on a 1/2 terrabite external drive every few months, that file also no longer exists!  I have only one thing left to do and that is to put my desk top computer together and boot it up and pray that microsoft didn't put a kill switch in or something like my poor laptop which kept telling me MS no longer supported it. 

So with any LUCK, I plan on getting the dress photographed tomorrow, finding a way to crop the photos and so forth and get the thing up on Etsy, then moving on to the bigger dress for an SID project.  I fitted the muslin yesterday but once again, my plans are foiled. 

Tama-cat is becoming very popular.  Not only has he impressed a police officer who saw him in the park, some people have asked to take photos of him.  One person did not (SPLEH!)  I am not sure that was rude of him or what not to ask, but really.  Our recent (1 1/4 years now) doctor has an adorable mostly black on top with tan socks shepherd who lays about the office, but we realized we have seen our doc walking him by his (her?) one floppy ear around the parks and neighborhood.  Makes me trust this doctor more.  Psychological maybe, but yeah.  

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Reviving The Etsy Shop

I haven't got photos at the moment, but I just finished checking Etsy and seeing what infernal changes have been made, so that I can start the shop back up again with an item I have been entertaining myself with since the tablet got fumbled and cracked Monday.  Amazing what you can get done when you are not attached to a tech device, though I am missing my books, which were all Ebooks (ARRRGGGHHH!  Doctor Who book binge foiled!).  Thankfully, I got everything backed up on a 16 GB micro-card and was needing a new tablet thing anyway as the touch screen was losing it's touchability.  I just hope the sales are still on by the first.

Anyway, 15 mins to go before they throw everyone out so making it shorter, I have actually finished an item by hand to sell on Etsy for an MSD doll, and plugged my iron in for the first time in two years!  The storage unit lights flickered and my fan nearly died, so yeah, turned off the lights and unplugged the fan and got the job done.  Good thing I have the car battery power box for the sewing machine, which I have not tried yet, but we all know things that heat up suck more power.  The sewing machine says it pulls one more amp than a cell phone, so fingers crossed.  I hope to have enough of the fabric to make either another dress, or a top to go with a skirt for the larger SID doll.  The Dior is progressing slowly, as I keep putting things on and taking them off and rethinking the plan and that is just the bodice.

We are no where near the raging fires of Summer, but the smoke and smell of burning is very obvious every morning this past week, and ashes are everywhere.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Glad I Don't Live There Anymore

Ex neighbor friend told me a few days ago Friday the 13th was hell in our old complex.  All the time we were living there, there were a few fires, some kids setting the trash bins on fire, an occasional kitchen flare up, or a patio roof getting caught in too much bbq fluid on the coals, but this was the big one.  Its across from where our building was before we moved into the one bedroom.  No one was hurt, but two neighbors and my mechanic told me the company basically told the victims to go fiddle.  They had mostly just paid their 1,300 months rent for these old late 40s apartments, and the place had shitty wiring, and badly done plumbing, so who knows what happened, but it looks like it raced through the attic along the open holes for the plumbing right into the garages. 

Very nicely documented fire department work video here, so the victims will have some thing to show for pain and suffering, that's for sure.  A lawyer forced the owners to put the homeless in hotels for now.  I would say Kershner and their batch finally got what was coming to bite them in their wallet after years of refusing to fix anything unless a lawsuit was involved, so yeah, much schadenfreude.

I am so glad we do not live there any more,  You can bet the rents on the other flats will go up exponentially to pay for this.  I remember answering the question on Den of Angels, what would you grab in a fire, and thinking, ah, that would never happen, we have fire extinguishers, etc, but hearing from the ex-neighbors how fast it ripped through the building, omg! 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Heat Waves, and Flash Floods?

Friday, July 5th we had a hellish heat wave, 113 heat, that kept up through Tuesday, gradually (too gradually!) going down to 101 and then 99.  It was just Awful!  There ar no 'cooling' stations around here that allow pets, so we hit the park again.  This year we have a 10 by 10 pop up awning, which was a huge help.  Tama chose his method of cooling off.   He doesn't like grass, no matter how much cooler it is on the ground, but we got some wooden folding tables at the 2nd Chance Thrift store which is auxiliary to the Upland Animal shelter.  He took over mine.

Then Saturday, we had a thunderstorm and monsoon like down pour that lifted the awning up about a foot, and scared Tama silly.  He couldn't run for the truck, and climbed up on me and held on for dear life, until the rain stopped. Which instantly turned to hellish humidity.  I hope that was this year's extravagance.  Last year we had an 11 day heat wave but it was not as hot as this!  So yeah, hope it's not going to be a monthly thing this summer.  We were quite spoilt with our cooler of ice and fruit drinks and water, and snacks, but I think we should have packed up and headed for the beach!  The heat will be a huge factor in getting any thing done for the business in the summer months.  If our android based tablets and phones were so hot they would not charge and kept shutting down, I don't think my sewing machine would have a good time of it.  You could iron a seam with how how the phone got, just trying to make a phone call that Friday.  

I am getting the sewing area set up  in storage, now that the fridge and freezer are out of the way, but the heat blew my mental circuits and it took me a week just to get my head clear enough to think beyond daily tasks again! I was drinking a lot of water, but I needed electrolytes and vitamins to get past the heat.  Dai does better than me, but then I have that thyroid thing so maybe that's a big part of it.  I am finally getting the Dior dress bodice cut out and will have something to show for that project soon.  

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Bigger Storage Space

Friday, after getting the tags for the truck, we went to our storage place and switched to the bigger unit I have been wanting for two years.  Once the Salvation Army comes and gets the washing machine, fridge and freezer Tuesday, I will have room to organize a work space!

Edit: I am calling the Goodwill tomorrow. The lady who insisted on calling the Salvation Army for pick up neglected what I had told her, the washingmachine needs a new x-large load censor.  Salvation Army wants everything in pretty much brand new condition.  At least Goodwill will employ some one who will do the small repairs like a gasket for the freezer and a new sensor for the washingmachine and some one will be glad to have that huge old thing that does a whole bedload of blankets in one go.  I will miss the old beast! So I have no idea when I will be able to sort out the moving mess in storage, but it will happen.  In the mean time I am working on the Dior project as soon as my muscles stop aching from the moving!   

Also, we fell in love with a used R-pod trailer at a local Cruise America agent, and while we may not get the credit union to grant a loan soon enough to get it, we may eventually get a newer used one later on. They are pretty awesome and we could park it at storage for 90 a month, and take it camping.  At this point, we are seriously done with apartments.  So many people are saying screw it and going mobile, it just makes more sense to get a travel trailer and go camping.  So when we can afford one (definitly sooner than we will get into an apartment!) we can down size to a smaller storage, put everything we need for the doll business in the trailer, and just use our park pass to enjoy using it.  There are quite a few of them out there for sale used in excellant condition.

Company link here.