Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thoughts on Sewing

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of things to make to draw attention to the business again.  So far, I have a list of everything from street clothing to three piece suits.  Having been unable to torture myself looking at the doll forums and shops for a while, all I can do is look at the fashion magazines and see what might appeal to doll owners.

In my experience, the whole fun of dolls is that anything goes, from lacy holes in the body to tattoos, to outrageous horns.  So where to begin?  I guess as always, with what I know, just fresh stuff to show off and put in the Etsy.

In organizing my storage, I found my ‘inspiration’ file the other day.  A collection of magazine clippings and print outs of things that made me think ‘wow’.  I also have my collection of doll sewing books to dip into.
Basically, all the stuff that I have always wanted to make, first for myself ages ago, then for my dolls as things piled up.  There was a time when my closet (yah, mine all mine, hubby had to have his stuff in the spare room and only half of that, evil me) looked like a Halloween shop.  That’s when I came to my senses and started collecting dolls.  They still have a lot of stuff, but now, when we have a place, Hubby has room in the closet, LOL!

I have a pile of new things cut out after looking at the fashion news for this year.  Most of them are for Etsy, because hey, that R-Pod isn’t going to be stuffed down the chimney at Christmas any time soon on it’s own.  In the mean time, I am working on making the 2/3 of the storage unit (yah, yah, hubby has some room in there) look more like a sewing room.  I have my folding screens to spiff up the utilitarian walls, but the bicycle has to be gotten out of the way of my work table.  I know I have battery run clocks packed away somewhere.  I need a clock in there, since my cell phone is usually left in the truck to charge.

It’s as bad as moving into another apartment, trying to get a working version of life sorted out again.  But over all, things are moving along, and if the weather stays sane (95 or lower) I can keep getting in about 3-4 hours sewing a day and finish the outfits I have in progress from one of my favorite inspiration photos, and working on a sort of fabric art coat that needs a pattern that will agree with the fabric manipulation.

And I finally got the drawer of thread untangled and sorted out this morning!  Yes that is earth shaking progress.  I hate organizing the little things.

Tama tests out the new tablet camera in the parkinglot.  It's pretty bluery.  He fits on the dash just perfectly, according to him, but I have to pry him off when I want to drive.

You know why cats don't drive?  Because it's imposible to get a car going full speed into a paper grocery sack.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

DoA Commissions Post Up

Now I am seriously open for business!  ^___^

I think my photos are too big, but it's hard to tell with the size screen I'm working with.  I tried to keep it down to a wide range and let people have the links to go look for themselves.  I need to update my Feedback page link here, too, but no time as the library is closing.  

My external drive claims to be contaminated on this tablet, but when I connect it to the library computer, I was able to get it to work, no problem.  I put some important stuff up on Dropbox and hope the thing will let me at the rest later.  So many, many files, so little time!  

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Etsy Shop Addition: Custom Choice Jeans and Plaid Skirt

I took at look at the Fall fashion line up and went with an idea I had a few years ago.  After seeing the nothing but seams and zipper jeans being sold for a fortune, I thought what the heck.  Cut off that old pair of jeans and add a pleated skirt.

This skirt listing HERE.  For once, the green sneakers work.  

The skirt is made for my old style body SID girl, and the custom choice has other plaids to chose from as well as size of doll. 

I am exhausted this week.  So much done, so much planned.  Fighting with the library computer which has keys that don't want to work, crazies roaming loose, blah blah blah, I keep going between wanting coffee and wanting sleep.  Naturally, coffee wins!

The Dior Crazy Quilt thing is interesting, but how would that work in reality?  At least it is saner than some things I have seen. 

Monday, August 27, 2018

SID/EID Ruby Red Quipao/Cheongsam on Etsy

I finally got set up to photograph all but the big boys in storage.  I need a larger folding background for the guys.  Be thankful for the crop function, you do NOT want to see the real background to this photo, LOL! 

I had a hunch about this fabric and tried it out on a EID body, and it looks great on both sizes, so this is a pretty good range of sizes covered.  Here is the SID girl modeling the dress.

Karen is still not happy with her sneakers....

The link to the sale page is HERE.

I have another SID project in progress, sort of inspired by watching Dr. Who again, and Amy Pond's dress sense. It feels really good to be enthusiastic about my hobby/business again.  I had no idea how much I missed it!  

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tidying up the Blog, and Over Use of the Word Somewhere.

I noticed a lot of my links and blogs I had been reading regularly a while back have not been updating so I have cleaned up the list.  Sad to see some go, and that others are still there with awesome information but perhaps life has interfered with reality.  It tends to do that.

Amazing information on "Diary of a Mantua Maker".  A marvelous link list of Free online pdf books on vintage costume patterning!  Page here.  Lots of romantic era suits and clothing for men and women.

Pattern Vault has a free download listed of an Incroyable tail coat.  Think Napoleonic era punks and you have the Incroyables.  The time when ladies wore sheer muslin gowns damped down to cling to them like the greek and roman statues turning up from the East.   If you watch Too Much Anime, you will see where this pattern could come in quite handy, so many of them are using that time period now.

The Momoko-centric and amazing talent, "Special Toy Box" is still there, but something is up with the html.  When you click the link, no matter what, even when I correct it in the html of the link, you get this:

Just click and backspace out the ?xml part and you get the real page.

I have another project in progress for the old body SID girl for Etsy, plus an SID size Qipao that needs to be pressed and photographed.  I plan on getting some foam core boards, taping them together and making a portable backdrop thing for photographing.  It will serve a lot of purposes; one, to not show my mess of a storage area or the library in the background when I work inside, two, to keep the wind from knocking my dolls over when I photograph outside.  I think I also need to make a basic stand, as well. I know I have a wooden plaque and dowel somewhere that was supposed to be made into one. Somewhere.  Fortunately the heat seems to be passing early in our area and I might be able to get more done in storage while it is cooler in a few weeks.  I really need to just get rid of some more STUFF and make room for another folding table to work on.  And find my 6" risers I got for my work table.  There were two sets, one for the bed for under bed storage and one for the work table, so I have a 50/50 chance of finding them somewhere in there! And some where along the way, my camera stand lost the adjusting screw knob that raises and lowers the camera, so I have to find another one, or maybe the old one, but yeah, probably on the planet of lost socks and pens by now.  But it's basically just a plastic screw so there should be something out there somewhere that will replace it.

Random information: There are about 300 plus Dr. Who novels out there to date.  o_O  I may go mad.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

SOLD: MSD Ruby Red Qipao/Cheongsam on Etsy

Finally!  OMG, the frustrations of trying to photo outside.  The peel and stick foam on her leg sockets has gotten flattened in storage, and she would not pose as beautifully as she can, so that needs to be fixed ASAP.  But the dress is ready to go, very slinky fabric and gorgeous.  The seams are straight, I just twisted the skirt to show the sequins at the top of the split curve.

Etsy Shop Listing Here

And the library computer only has PowerPoint to edit photos with, and when I tried to upload anything to the net by clicking, it just ignored me, but drag and drop worked fine.  I need to set up my desk top computer and then transfer finished things to the library one.  Sad our library tech is so lame.

Still working on the Dior, of course, and a larger item with the ruby fabric for an SID, as well as having found one of my own cut out suits. That will keep me busy until the Summer heat from hell is past.