Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Etsy is Driving me NUTS!

I finally had to just search for why they are taking more and more money out of every sale and found out on USA  Today, of all places that they raised their fees from 3.5% to 5% and GET THIS, they are 'taxing' 5% off postal fees too!  So if you sell something for 45$, and it costs 7$ to ship, they charge the 5% off the total of 52$  Now here comes the jerk part of the thing.  They offer a discount on shipping if you buy the lable through them!  Then they charge you for buying the label!  That discount used to cover the envelope and tissue paper or ziplocks for shipping and handling, but now I'm like, what the hell! 

I have been roped into doing a quilt thing for the library, and finally figured out something I WANT to do.  This is why I don't join the guild here: they dictate what you are supposed to do.  I'm like....noooo, I want to sew what I want to sew, something I can throw my heart into, not "produce this because you have to".  I chose my sewing projects for customers based on how much I want to do the project.  I have only had to turn down three customers since 2011, one because it was impossible, another because it was rather blah, and the third because I am not a factory for doll clothing to fill another person's Etsy shop or what ever.   I want to sew something fabulous, and if it is for a customer, something they will think is perfect and wonderful and fabulous.  I left theater sewing because I got tired of my creative urge being stabbed like Caeser every time I had an idea about something. 

So after I came up with an idea for another doll blanket quilt, I was told, it has to be something relating to women's month and life changing.  I was like.....O_o  It's a farging doll quilt.  I can not begin to explain how getting a new doll is as life changing as having a baby or any of that.  They won't understand, how can they possibly understand?   Dolls are a private joy that is shared by (how many people on the combined forums?) O_o.  We know who we are (and what our particular brand of 'crazy' is ^_~).  So yeah, my seasons of the moon is going to have to be blah blah blahed; it reflects my renewed interest in taking the time to appreciate nature, and how is that life changing?  How can I do five minutes about that?  Can it stand up to power womyn who are out to take over the world with their radical socialist feminism or what ever?  Good lord, are quilts politicized now?  I mean yeah, the quilts world aids foundation was a big wonderful thing, and quilts for disasters like the ones a teacher at the college's church does for the Philippines  and Porto Rico, but life changing events? 

I asked.  Getting through cancer, drug recovery, losing a child, omg!  Do I really want to 'quilt' my husband's stroke?  Being 'homeless' by definition if not actual attitude? (We're camping.  Seriously, big on the whole camping thing.  Lots of camp grounds out there and I fully intend to get that bathing suit done before summer this year.)  Ummm, nope.  To hell with that depression.  Are we really supposed to 'celebrate' depressing things? Maybe she should have put that a little more differently.   

And I will bring one of my dolls, because damn, I need some emotional support for this thing, and I can show proportion, etc. 

If I'm lucky, they will think I'm too nuts for them and the lady who set me up will back off.  Then again, I have my doubts about her. 

I should do fluffy kittens.  But this moon and seasons idea wants to be done.  I'll do fluffy kittens next time.        

Friday, February 1, 2019

February Already?

So many ups and downs this past month, it's a wonder I can still pass for sane.  I need to rethink my working time.  It used to be six hours a day, then when hubby had the stroke, it went to 4 hours a day.

You would think I would have more time now, but it is not so.  I am down to 2 hours a day.  A lot of driving from here to there, like when we do laundry, we have to go to the laundromat and sit there for like an hour and a half, then I have to drive to the park to do the dishes, fill up the water jugs, walk the cat (who has six fits if we leave his special walking places with out him being able to for his walks, omg, you think a toddler can have a breakdown, try a spoiled cat!) go shopping every day because I don't trust things in the cooler over 24 hours, make three meals a day because take out food is disgusting as well as over priced; well, you get the idea, we are on the move.  And my mom thought the military was bad!  Maybe by 3 pm, I can sit down at the library, catch up on the news, and study my japanese language course.  I can pattern in the library, and cut, but not with pins or get out the needles, so no sewing.  However, i could knit....but yeah.  Then i have to fend off people who think I work at the library and am giving a demonstration.  It got super annoying, and I don't like to snarl at people because they just honestly want to know.  I ended up being some school kid's interview project, kind of a stealth thing and I hope the little devil got an A for that!

 Unfortunately, the library is a lunatic asylum of librarians who are afraid to hush people unless they fit a certain profile (older, caucasian, 'knowing better') and I have reported their buts to the corporation who owns the 'public library'.  I usually leave with a headache, but hubby gets to watch a movie or some tv show, so it's his time and I want him to be happy.  Once a day, the cops show up to raid the place (yes raid the place!  we have people huffing glue in the bathrooms and smoking pot INSIDE the library), and two times in the past week, there was a knife pulled in loud and obscene racial/gang related incidents.  What the hell is happening to this country?

But yeah, 2 hours a day, so if I take an order, I have to double my old time.  I am going to try to get another folding table for the desktop computer and maybe if Microsoft doesn't kill the thing (not hooking it up to the net) I can get the embroidery program sorted again.

So, I have decided to just get back to the Dior project.  I finally figured out how to get the top of the outer bodice to look as much like sea foam on the wave top as it will ever get.  I've been asked to show some of my doll quilts in March to the ladies quilting guild and I'm like, ummm, nothing to show except some photos.  Plus, not a member of the guild, I don't like people telling me how to put two pieces of fabric together and how I'm doing it wrong (because you know, I do, ^_^)  And BJDCollectasy has come up with some interesting article ideas I want to work on.  So maybe I'll get the Dior moving along fast enough to get it done this year, because it is going to be all hand sewn.

Random rant and rave over.  Happy February!  

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year has been a bit of a drag, so I am really hoping that next year will be more up beat.

If it rains on Christmas I am going to be seriously annoyed, because we are doing char-be-cue with all the fixings, so please move the rain someplace else, maybe where it is more needed?

Tama refuses to wear his christmas hat.  It makes him look like the evil child of Grumpy Cat and the Grinch, so you can just imagine that rather than my having to fight with him any more over it.  ^__^

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Etsy Listing: SID Big Kissy Lips

I have all those little scraps of that ruby stuff.  So my Nov/Dec project (the one I carry around with me to keep me sane) was a t-shirt with an applique insert, and the chirimen pants to go with it.  I wanted something that would hold up to that red, but not black, though a pair of black tights or a skirt or what ever would go good with this top.  So in taking the photos (finally) this morning, I realized just now in cropping the storage unit out of site, that her horrible lime green sneaker was untied.

Sexy, no?  ROFL!
Etsy listing here.  

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Well, That Was A Surprise

I have been trying to get the December Etsy outfit up, and with all the pouring rain (try sitting in a camper for eight hours with the rain sounding like someone is dumping a truck load of pebbles on it) and trying to get my sneakers to dry, I have been going a little bit, just a tiny bit insane.  So today, I think, okay, the library desktops are working, if not the wifi, and I should photo that outfit, along with some other stuff that did not get done, and put it up for sale. 

I made the pants out of what I thought was chirimin fabric, normally it's cotton, but the weave makes it shiny and silky, as well as hard wearing.  It does tend to crinkle up when washed and I needed to press the pants after cleaning all the marker for sewing off them.  Well, I dripped water on them when I was filling the steam iron. 

And it left a mark.  Okaaaay, it's silk.  It was part of a child's kimono someone gave me and it is silk.  So the cure for fabrics that water stain is very simple.  Dunk the item or fabric in water and let them hang dry again.  No big problem, except now I have to wait for them to dry in cold storage, and not accidentally drip on them again, and be real careful with the steam iron spitting.  So the outfit will have to weight a while longer to be listed.

I was hoping to borrow a doll to photo the Kai Noctis project progress on this week, but my friend's plane got stuck and that was that. 

Good news is someone was unloading a truck in storage and asked me if I wanted a clothing rack.  Score!  It's a nice heavy duty department store type thing in steel with a top and bottom shelf, so now I can pass my light weight travel one onto a friend and stack my fabric boxes on the top shelf of this one.