Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year has been a bit of a drag, so I am really hoping that next year will be more up beat.

If it rains on Christmas I am going to be seriously annoyed, because we are doing char-be-cue with all the fixings, so please move the rain someplace else, maybe where it is more needed?

Tama refuses to wear his christmas hat.  It makes him look like the evil child of Grumpy Cat and the Grinch, so you can just imagine that rather than my having to fight with him any more over it.  ^__^

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Etsy Listing: SID Big Kissy Lips

I have all those little scraps of that ruby stuff.  So my Nov/Dec project (the one I carry around with me to keep me sane) was a t-shirt with an applique insert, and the chirimen pants to go with it.  I wanted something that would hold up to that red, but not black, though a pair of black tights or a skirt or what ever would go good with this top.  So in taking the photos (finally) this morning, I realized just now in cropping the storage unit out of site, that her horrible lime green sneaker was untied.

Sexy, no?  ROFL!
Etsy listing here.  

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Well, That Was A Surprise

I have been trying to get the December Etsy outfit up, and with all the pouring rain (try sitting in a camper for eight hours with the rain sounding like someone is dumping a truck load of pebbles on it) and trying to get my sneakers to dry, I have been going a little bit, just a tiny bit insane.  So today, I think, okay, the library desktops are working, if not the wifi, and I should photo that outfit, along with some other stuff that did not get done, and put it up for sale. 

I made the pants out of what I thought was chirimin fabric, normally it's cotton, but the weave makes it shiny and silky, as well as hard wearing.  It does tend to crinkle up when washed and I needed to press the pants after cleaning all the marker for sewing off them.  Well, I dripped water on them when I was filling the steam iron. 

And it left a mark.  Okaaaay, it's silk.  It was part of a child's kimono someone gave me and it is silk.  So the cure for fabrics that water stain is very simple.  Dunk the item or fabric in water and let them hang dry again.  No big problem, except now I have to wait for them to dry in cold storage, and not accidentally drip on them again, and be real careful with the steam iron spitting.  So the outfit will have to weight a while longer to be listed.

I was hoping to borrow a doll to photo the Kai Noctis project progress on this week, but my friend's plane got stuck and that was that. 

Good news is someone was unloading a truck in storage and asked me if I wanted a clothing rack.  Score!  It's a nice heavy duty department store type thing in steel with a top and bottom shelf, so now I can pass my light weight travel one onto a friend and stack my fabric boxes on the top shelf of this one.   

Sunday, December 2, 2018

What the hell, blogger!

I have not been getting notifications of comments on this blog, maybe one out of ten, I get a notification for!  My deepest apologies to everyone who has commented over the past year!   I am going to go back through now and sort things out, but wow, what the hell?

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

A friend of ours keeps joking about BBQ-ing Tama, so we took this photo.  Obviously, Tama is not ammused.  Don't worry, the Que is stone cold or I would have never let him jump up there in the first place.

If you have a Sprouts market nearby, we had their turkey and it was AWESOME!  I have never tasted Turkey that was tender, beautifully seasoned and deliscious.  I am hoping that their ham is just as good for Christmas.  If you don't want to smoke up your kitchen with roasting a Turkey (always a reason to clean the walls and ceiling once a year in our home) order one about a month in advance from Sprouts.  We got the sliced turkey breast and it's worth it not to have to deal with the bones and what ev's.  The rain cleared up just in time for us to lay out the picnic with a friend for company and everything was perfect.  Tama had Tuna.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

AgnesHandWork has Fabulous Faux Leather

When I started the Kai Noctis outfit project I did some searching online and sure enough, Etsy was the only place to go.  I found AgnesHandWork and contacted them asking for a sample, no specific color out of the many they have in pastels and basics, just to see if it was thin enough for doll clothing.  I finally checked the mail box today and the sample had arrived.  I was so thrilled to see how THIN it is, less than a Millimeter, and so soft and the texture is so small and leathery looking, not flat plastic like some. Perfect for doll clothing and purse making, or making purses for dolls!  Very soft and buttery, too thin for human clothing I think, but there you go.  Dolls get all the pretties.
It has a felt like knit backing that gives it some purchase on doll 'skin', too, which is very nice, if you don't want to add bulk by lining some items.  I will be ordering faux leather from Agnes Hand work from now on, so if you have a project you need this fabric for, go have a look and make sure they have your color.  It took about two weeks to get here, maybe less, but I have been insanely busy and lost a few days here and there along the way.  I know someone left a review just a short while ago that contradicted my experience, but I had very little problem communicating with the shop.  

Other news:

I found the missing wig!  Naturally in a place I had looked 2 times before, to the point of turning out drawers on the work table.  This time I started the whole process again, and there the blasted thing was, along with the original baggie, label and shipping papers. O_o  wth?